At Independence Lawn Care

We provide an array of professional, top-quality lawn care and landscaping services designed to enhance the beauty and health of your outdoor spaces. From designing and installing brand-new landscapes to providing regular maintenance, our skilled team caters to your specific needs with unparalleled attention to detail.


A well-manicured lawn is a symbol of pride and a mark of a well-kept home. But a truly spectacular lawn requires more than just a quick trim. Our comprehensive mowing service includes precision cuts, edging around walkways and flower beds, and thorough clean-up to leave your lawn looking pristine and healthy.

Flower Bed Installation and Maintenance

Let us create a vibrant showcase of color and life in your yard with our flower bed installation and maintenance service. From designing a beautiful arrangement to nurturing it with regular care, we ensure that your flower beds continue to bloom and delight throughout the year. 

Sod Installation

A lush, green lawn is often the centerpiece of a beautiful landscape, and sod installation can provide that instant gratification. Independence Lawn Care offers professional sod installation services that quickly transform bare or struggling yards into vibrant, green spaces. Our experts understand the nuances of proper sod selection, ground preparation, precise laying, and post-installation care. We work diligently to ensure your new lawn is not only visually stunning but also healthy and durable, providing a magnificent outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

Mulch, Straw, And Rock Installation

Whether suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, enhancing soil conditions, or providing a refined finish to your yard, the strategic installation of mulch, straw, and rocks are integral parts of a flourishing landscape. Our seasoned experts will guide you in choosing the right materials that best fit your yard’s needs and aesthetic preferences. Each installation is meticulously carried out to foster healthy, vibrant growth and an elevated visual appeal for your landscape.

Hedge and Tree Trimming

We believe that tree and hedge trimming is more than a chore – it’s an art. We shape your greenery to enhance its natural beauty while maintaining the health of your plants. Our team uses professional-grade equipment and techniques to ensure precision cuts that encourage growth and boost the overall aesthetic of your yard.

Overseeding and Lawn Aeration

Overseeding and lawn aeration are vital to maintaining a lush, thick, and green lawn. Our team will professionally aerate your lawn to allow water, nutrients, and air to reach the grass roots more easily, and then overseed to fill in thin spots and create a dense, vibrant carpet of green.

Remember, every service is backed by our commitment to excellent communication, ensuring you remain informed every step of the way. At Independence Lawn Care, we don’t just care for your lawn; we create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. Let us redefine your landscaping experience.